Taking Responsibility - Servant King Foundation

To date, the Ipsos Foundation has made donations to 10 charities.

Taking Responsibility - Servant King Foundation

Today, the focus is on the Servant King Foundation in Uganda which was established in 1997 with the major goal to bring about positive change in the lives of disadvantaged people, especially young persons.


The key areas of involvement are:

  • Life planning skills are given to school going teenagers aimed at equipping trainees with knowledge and empowerment.
  • Counselling services to persons affected by different life challenges (domestic violence, HIV/AIDs).
  • Skills training in cookery, handcrafts are given to female youths.


The Ipsos Foundation will be supporting the Servant King Foundation on empowering 60 school drop outs with all of the above skills which will enable beneficiaries’ lives to be  more productive and better than currently.