Centre for neural decision making: Leveraging neuroscience for business

Participation in a panel on Consumer Neuroscience and collaboration industry-academia at Temple University.

The first decade of research in the area of Decision Neuroscience has seen great progress in identifying neural processes underlying judgment and decision making. As the field has matured, the emphasis has shifted from basic scientific research to applied work in business-focused domains, and from individuals to market-level phenomena. Temple University, through the efforts of the Centre for Neural Decision Making at the Fox School of Business, has been at the forefront of this initiative, facilitating dialogue among practitioners, industry, and academic researchers though a variety of forums including the annual Interdisciplinary Symposium on Decision Neuroscience.

Manuel Garcia-Garcia, Global Lead of Neuroscience at Ipsos, was one of the three eminent executives, representing different business stakeholders, to share their views on this topic along with Horst Stipp, EVP of Global Business Strategy at Advertising Research Foundation and John Althen, Public Policy analyst at Office of Inspector General, United States Postal Service. 


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