Ipsos Update – July 2024

AI, Refugees, Crime … Ipsos Update explores the latest and research & thinking on key topics from Ipsos teams around the world.

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  • Simon Atkinson Ipsos Knowledge Centre
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Generative AI is continuing its rise to prominence, shifting the way businesses innovate and develop, as well as reshaping how we create and play. Our latest Ipsos Views paper, The New Era of Innovation, examines how Gen AI is disrupting Stage Gates, while our new Global Advisor survey on AI delves into people’s attitudes towards the evolving technology. 

With a new release for World Refugee Day, in collaboration with UNHCR, and the next instalment of attitudes to crime and law enforcement, there’s plenty to get stuck into in this month’s edition of Ipsos Update.


In this edition: 

The New Era of Innovation 

We introduce our philosophy for innovation with Gen AI which empowers insights functions to produce bolder innovations, with faster development cycles and smarter processes. 

The Ipsos AI Monitor 2024 

Is AI a friend or foe? The findings reveal a mixed outlook, highlighting both the potential benefits and concerns surrounding this transformative technology. 

World Refugee Day 2024 

Public support for refugees endures, according to a new survey in collaboration with the UNHCR. A majority are willing to offer help to those fleeing war or persecution. 

What Worries the World? 

Worry about inflation remains top after 27 months, with a third of people still concerned. Meanwhile, Israel is no longer the most worried nation about military conflict. 

Global Attitudes to Crime & Law Enforcement 

Despite a perception of increased crime, there is little correlation between the belief that crime is rising and actual crime levels. 

Flair Indonesia 2024 

The latest edition in our Flair collection explores the social, economic, and political context of Indonesia in 2024. 

Global Leadership 

Russia, Iran, Israel and China rank worst for global influence, according to a new 31-country study from Ipsos in partnership with Kings College London. 

What The Future: Creativity 

We talk to leaders from Meta and Snap, an AI artist, an agency creative, and leading academics to get their perspectives on the philosophical and practical implications of AI. 


Also, watch the latest KEYS webinar exploring the wonder and the worry of AI; catch up on the Ipsos crew at the Cannes Lions festival of creativity; read about how digital therapeutics can change healthcare; and find out what’s going on in the US electric vehicle market.

The author(s)
  • Simon Atkinson Ipsos Knowledge Centre