Omnichannel Strategy in the age of Digital Transformation

The pandemic has opened the flood gates to omnichannel living with a rapid acceleration of eCommerce and many consumers trying online shopping for the first time. As consumer behavior and the shopper landscape has become hugely disrupted, discover the latest insights and opinions from Ipsos.

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  • Alison Chaltas Global Lead, Omnichannel Journey
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Covid-19 accelerated everything about omnichannel: tech development, consumer and shopper behaviour, and a need to reach the world’s socially distanced consumers. In the era of lockdowns and greater health concerns, eCommerce has gained new importance. There have been huge shifts in online behaviours driven by the pandemic and online retailers have seen a massive jump in sales compared to their physical counterparts. The rise of eCommerce set off a rapid evolution and transformation in offline retail to combat the challenge. Many bricks and mortar retail formats transformed to enhance interaction, engagement and the emotional payback of the experience, showing that there is still a role for it.

In an increasingly data-driven environment, it is easy to be blindsided by numbers and lose sight of the people. It is ultimately a person who explores their options, opens your package, uses your product, or experiences your service.

A greater emphasis on digital engagement is a clear and intuitive solution for maintaining shopper activity. If eCommerce is to take center stage in the new world, there is some work to do. Ipsos research shows that people do not always feel the human touch when operating in the digital environment, with 68% saying they have recently faced issues making a digital purchase.

There is a need to get it right online by ensuring that websites are presenting, organising and informing consumers about the products that are on offer in a way that is relevant and engaging, developing an approach tailored to the consumer’s mindset, building in the best of the in-store experience to the digital channel.


Critical to evolving channel strategy is an understanding of the human experience.

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At Ipsos, our strong belief is that when companies think omnichannel, human experience should be at the core. When we look at digitalisation, eCommerce, conversations sometimes focus on tech and data and it can be easy to lose sight of people; yet it is ultimately a person who will explore the new options and services you want to offer.

The author(s)

  • Alison Chaltas Global Lead, Omnichannel Journey

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