Beyond omnichannel to convergent commerce

Convergent commerce is the integration of online and instore experiences that allow shoppers to buy from anywhere, anytime, anyhow. The pandemic accelerated the digital transformation of shopping, ushering in a huge surge in expansion of multi-channel experiences for consumers, including mobile, social and livestreaming commerce, direct-to-consumer, buy-online-pickup-in-store (BOPIS), to name a few. As a result consumer journeys have changed, becoming more complex and less linear, based on their own commerce ecosystems of default go-to brands, retailers, channels and touchpoints.

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Emerging channels are scaling fast

Ipsos Essentials data from early 2022 across 16 countries showed the incidence rate of use of livestream commerce in the past 6 months was more than one third of consumers. Social commerce usage was even higher. We are seeing the usage incidence rates of emerging and scaling commerce channels including voice and quick commerce increase by several percentage points every three months.

As physical and digital environments converge, journeys become less linear

We’re not in a binary online/offline world anymore. Consumer purchase journeys have shortened in some instances, lengthened in others and become less linear in general as consumers move to their own commerce ecosystems. Brands and retailers need to understand these new journeys and ecosystems and determine the best commerce ecosystem for themselves in order to align with that of consumers.

In an increasingly data-driven environment, it is easy to be blindsided by numbers and lose sight of the people.

It is ultimately a person who explores their options, opens your package, uses your product, or experiences your service. Consumers are looking not just to have their shopping and purchase behaviours and histories understood in order to receive personalised or tailored offers and product recommendations, but to have their lives and challenges understood and improved.

Critical to evolving channel strategy is an understanding of the human experience

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Activate - How do we optimize engagement and conversion across ecosystems?

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At Ipsos, our strong belief is that when companies think omnichannel, human experience should be at the core. When we look at digitalisation, eCommerce, conversations sometimes focus on tech and data and it can be easy to lose sight of people; yet it is ultimately a person who will explore the new options and services you want to offer.

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