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A soft landing? A not-so-soft landing? When it comes to the current outlook, uncertainty abounds. Ipsos data can help. Here’s our latest research on the economy – from the cost-of-living crisis to stagflation – and exclusive insights it means for brands, businesses, policymakers, and people.

Key takeaways:


Compared to five years ago, most Americans—regardless of partisanship—feel the economy is worse

Most Americans think the economy is worse than it was in 2018, whether they're Democrats, Republicans, or Independents.  (Read more.)

Inflation seems to be settling in for consumers

When asked if they think their spending will increase, decrease, or stay the same, people responded 2:1 that it will increase (31% vs 16%). That's about the same number of people who said they expected their spending to increase last time we asked, in September, but the number of people who expect a decrease has dropped, and there's a bump in "will not change." (Read more.)

Most think prices are still going up — but fewer think so than they did last fall

Overall, a high proportion of the population still thinks that prices are rising across a wide category of goods. Nonetheless, for most categories, fewer people said prices were going up than they did last fall. (Read more.)

There’s no ‘new normal’ for comfort making purchases

Consumers are feeling less comfortable making big ticket purchases, from a home or car to everyday needs. With rising prices, how are Americans keeping up? (Read more.)

Affluent Americans are feeling confident – and the less affluent, less so

Affluent Americans are feeling much more confident in the economy across every subindex. However, lower-income Americans are not experiencing that same confidence in the economy. (Read more.)

One in three Americans report difficulty paying for groceries and gas

One in three Americans report being unable to afford basics like gas and food. Six in ten say they put something back on the shelf because it was too expensive. One in four have gotten a past-due notice for a bill they couldn’t pay. (Read more.)

Inflation is still the world’s top worry

Inflation has now been the top global concern in Ipsos’ What Worries the World survey for the last 13 months. (Read more.)

People are pessimistic about the current economic outlook

Despite some confidence in a handful of places, gloom and doom is in the air. Just over 2 in 3 (67%) of people, on average, across 28 countries feel the economy in their country is bad. Just three countries had a strong majority say the economy was good in their country in August. (Read more.)

Personal financial concerns, around the world

Worldwide, three in four people expect the cost of food to rise (76%), including 92% of Hungarians, 89% of Swedes and 88% of Turkish citizens. Just under three quarters expect the cost of other shopping to increase as well (72%). A similar proportion expect gas and electricity costs to increase (73%). (Read more.)


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