What The Future

How to be ready for the Big Reset in travel

While 2020 was very much a year of survival, there are several things travel- and hospitality-focused companies can do to attract and retain customers for a more successful future.

How to get business travelers back on the road

There are two sides to the business travel incentive coin: incentives and rewards.

Will luxury travel conquer its race issue?

African Americans still face demeaning and dismissive interactions when they travel, despite vows by corporate America in 2020 to address racism.

Do people really care about purpose at the point of purchase?

If 2020 has taught brands anything, it’s that they must play an active role in helping society and creating sustainable solutions for a better future. But how does that influence the decisions people make when it comes to taking out their wallets?

Why it’s time for brands to go all-in on augmented and virtual realities

The promise of augmented and virtual reality as development and marketing tools for brands and manufacturers is becoming clearer.

What brands and retailers need to know about ‘buy now, pay later’

Payments analyst Lisa Ellis sees “buy now, pay later” (BNPL) financing as a niche, but it’s a big enough niche that it’s likely to become table stakes in the coming years. The idea of paying in installments is hardly new (witness QVC and HSN and just about anything peddled by Ron Popeil), but…

How do you mystery shop an omnichannel world?

The past year has changed the way we shop and raised our expectations for the omnichannel experience.

How our changing home life is changing how we buy and store pantry items

The acquisition and storage of food and household goods has been a roller-coaster ride for American families the past year. So what does this mean for the future of the pantry? What should brands do to prepare?

How brands can help people make the most of their home sanctuary

COVID-19 has amplified the role of the home as a sanctuary. We are spending exponentially more time at home seeking comfort, security and emotional well-being. It’s likely that these trends will continue, and brands need to be ready to support this shift.

Has the commute finally changed?

In a November survey, half of full-time workers in America reported working from home more often due to the pandemic, plus an additional 21% who said their habits hadn’t changed. Only 6% said they were working remotely less often.