What The Future

How are the futures of fantasy sports and betting linked?

Fantasy sports have been around for ages in various formats and are entering a new era in the advent of legalized sports betting.

How can brands help solve the chicken/egg dilemma in women’s sports coverage?

This is a glaring miss for viewers and brands as fanbases are built on publicity.

Are consumers ready to embrace esports stars as endorsers?

Celebrity endorsements continue to be a go-to strategy for brands, despite mixed results.

How will digital collectibles factor into Affluent sports collections?

Look at any sports collector’s “fan cave,” and you’ll likely see trading card albums, autographed photos, uniforms and game equipment.

What would free college change?

Higher education can be one of the largest expenses in a person’s life. Many young people don’t have the resources or opportunity to prepare financially for this expense.

How can employers support an equitable employment recovery?

In the workforce, women and people of color were disproportionately impacted during the pandemic.

Can the classroom transcend our partisan times?

Virtually everyone agrees on the importance of education, but Americans are split around what values should be in taught in schools and whom to trust with educating the next generation.

Did the pandemic boost credibility for e-learning?

The pandemic has shifted how we acquire new skills from kindergarten to graduate and continuing education.

What will your brand’s role be in the new morning commute?

For workers returning to some pattern of the morning commute, the new routine will bring joy, anxiety or a mix of the two.

How can grocery brands make the hybrid evening commute simpler?

As workers adapt to new hybrid commuting models, they’ll need to manage a split schedule of evening meal strategies.