What The Future

What the Future Gender Webinar

Watch our on demand webinar for case studies, as well as advertising do’s and don’ts to avoid gender missteps in a time of shifting norms.

Does advertising have a responsibility to be inclusive?

Gender roles are a prominent part of advertising and communications.

Gender means more than you think it does

The conversation around gender is shifting. No longer is it just about traditional gender roles. Now, it’s about the role of gender itself.

How we research a changing gender landscape

Agree or disagree: “A person is either a man or a woman and not anything in between.”

Are we getting enough Vitamin-Art in our diets?

Julia Clark’s WTF Beauty article reports on the role of the arts in beauty. Her beauty regime includes a French hair-smoothing system called Cezanne.

Affluent Millennial men and the grooming paradox

Michael Baer’s WTF Beauty article highlights the opportunities for marketers to ignite interest, education and spending by this significant segment. His favorite grooming product? Aquage hair paste.

Who influences the influencers?

Carla Flamer’s WTF Beauty article examines global research about beauty routines, and what or who most influences our concept of beauty. Her favorite beauty products are her adorable makeup blending sponges.

Are you feeling included in beauty inclusivity?

Mallory Newell’s WTF Beauty article explores the topic of body image. Her beauty must-have products are Vitamin C serums and good sunscreen.

What do boy bands have to do with beauty?

Kristy Click’s WTF Beauty article looks at the social conversation around K-beauty. Among her favorite beauty products, are mascara which amplifies her eyes.

A complicated portrait of beauty

Oscar Yuan introduces this quarter’s WTF edition exploring Beauty, and why it’s so complex. His favorite grooming product is Lab Series BB Tinted Moisturizer SPF35.